2022 Here I Come


Guess what?
I'm unique, I'm unconventional and I am winning!
I didn't come by my success over the past 12 months by looking like anyone else. I am not your cookie cutter type of creative or coach. I will admit, for a while I thought I had to be like everyone else. Looking around and seeing what everyone else who is doing what you are doing, want to do and dream of doing can be a DREAM KILLER.
I had to take a personal inventory and recognize that I am ONE OF ONE and that's it. I do not have to validate my way or my existence to anyone. My gift is mine, bestowed upon me by the Creator. It is boundless, infinite and unlimited just like CREATIVITY.
As we round the bend to 2022, I want to acknowledge exactly who I am and what my purpose is. I cannot and will not allow my past nor my present to dictate my future.
The word for 2022 is EXPANSION.
There's no way I can continue to move upward until I EXPAND in every way... Thought. Action. Word. Presence.
I WILL be training others to become their most unconventional authentic creative selves. As creatives AND coaches. (yes!)
I WILL continue to challenge myself with the things I accomplish.
I WILL champion my sisters on their collective and individual journeys.
I WILL make space for my fear and take it along for the ride.
I WILL honor my body and my mind by taking breaks and showing myself grace.
I WILL take my place as a leader even as I continue to develop the skills to do so.
I WILL love my imperfect self fully and unapologetically.
I WILL create a new prosperous reality for my family and my community.
I am not anyone's perception of me.
I am exactly who I am supposed to be and where I am supposed to be at all times.
I am so very excited for what's to come.

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