Friday Feelings


Yay Friday!


We are all supposed to be so geeked up and happy when Friday comes right?

I could care less about Friday.


All it means over here at Casa de Covington is that I have 2-3 uninterrupted days with the people who live in my house.

Yes, I am talking about my kids.


It means i get to scream upstairs and Facetime folks who don't answer when I do.


It means I will get asked about ordering DoorDash no less than 12-15 times (it's a holiday weekend).


It means I will literally have to fight for couch position and TV time.


It means I will spend even more time thinking about what I need to do and how it's a week into October and I still don't have a real Black Friday plan and stressing about social media posts, because the weekends are the slowest times for my business. At least 2 hours will be spent scrolling the internet and then another 2 hours spent thinking about how I wasted the 2 hours scrolling the internet.

Don't laugh, you know how it is.


I just realized I have not had my coffee yet. 

Yet, here I am trying to string words together into cohesive sentences.... Nope. Let me get myself in order.

What do you have planned for today?

Does Friday give you the feels or nah?

Until tomorrow,


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  • All the days run together for me. After raising six daughters, I don’t look at a calendar, clock, stove or anything else unless I feel like it. And I work all the days like they’re weekdays…weekends and holidays included. Make sure you take some time for yourself this holiday weekend.

    Robin Ormon on
  • I totally understand. I had 5 children and it was definitely hectic. Now they are all grown and I’m at somewhat peace. My Friday consist on getting prepared for the weekend to do something positive. Work on notebooks, learn new things.

    Robin Preaster on
  • I can relate to the sound 2 hours surfing the internet and the next 2 hours beating myself up🤣🤣🤣

    Caren on
  • You are a breath of fresh air. You don’t pretend your just you fun, creative. Informative so this is just another beautiful facet of the diamond 💎 that you are. I can’t thank you enough for everything that you do to uplift and educate the rest of us.

    Deb Davis on
  • Issa nah fa me sis! Pre-business owner, Fridays were my JAM but er uh. . . nowadays lol its just an opportunity for me to do my “Fun work” all day for 2 days straight. LOL Great blog! Can’t wait for the next one!

    Adrienne on

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