Hope is Real


I got my babies out of the corner and into the sun!

Y’all might be surprised to know that though I’ve lived on my own pretty much since I was 22 years old, until I moved into this house almost 4 years ago I had NEVER BOUGHT LIVING ROOM FURNITURE.

My apartments always looked spare. I was determined to create a HOME for us this time around. A place where the kids could decorate their rooms and we would have a place to sit together for meals and family time. So I bought beds and rugs and tables and chairs and couches and storage. And especially for me BOOKSHELVES!

I have lost TWO storage units full of books in my adult life. Yes there were pics and clothes and papers, but I miss my books most of all. I am dead serious. So to see my books all housed and pretty and organized brings me so much joy.

It’s also the reason I craft so many bookmarks!

My bookshelf gives me hope and helps me remember that life does get better. That I create the beauty in my life by moving forward and shedding what is unnecessary whether it’s people, beliefs or material possessions.

What is something ordinary that gives you hope?

Are a book lover too?

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