ICA (Ideal Customer Avatar) Guide

ICA (Ideal Customer Avatar) Guide

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Are you struggling to make sales in your business?
Do you know WHO you are selling products to? I mean really know...

Who is your customer avatar? And don't get it twisted... I don't mean your "demographic". Because if I ask you who your Ideal Client is and your response is "black women age 25-55", that's not an avatar. That's a statistic.

Knowing your avatar 100% affects the way you connect with, market and sell to your potential customers.
I am here to help.
I am offering you a copy of my ICA (Ideal Customer Avatar) Guide for only $5!
It is a concise (9 pages) and simple tool to help you help yourself It asks a few questions and invites scenarios that will lead you to a better understanding of who your ideal customer is.

Before today, I have only shared this with my coaching clients and my challenge participants! And you can grab it for just $5!

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