Creative Resilience: A 3-6-9 Affirmation and Manifestation Diary | PLR (Private Label Rights) DFY Self-Publishing Journal MPLR1203A

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Creative Resilience: A 3-6-9 Affirmation and Manifestation Diary

Product Overview:

Dive into the digital realm of self-discovery with the 3-6-9 Affirmation Journal. Far from just another digital diary, this journal is a guided voyage into the cosmos of self-reflection and manifestation, all anchored by the sacred numerological sequence of 3, 6, and 9.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Numerological Mastery: Delve deep into the significance of the 3, 6, and 9 sequence. Comprehensive instructions illuminate their power, setting a firm foundation for manifestation.
  • AI Art Mastery: Elevate your experience with 4 distinct AI art covers, each thoughtfully designed to encapsulate the essence of this transformative journey.
  • Versatile Content: Boasting over 100+ digital pages at a 6x9 journal size, discover a rich array of resources: 30 original affirmations interlaced with serene coloring pages.
  • Absolute Exclusivity: This is a PLR treasure. Each purchase guarantees full ownership rights. One owner. No restrictions. Tailor-made for Amazon KDP, Lulu, and a myriad of self-publishing or resale avenues.

Product Features:

  • Pages: 100+ enriching digital pages for profound introspection.
  • Tailored for Publishing: Ideally structured for platforms like Amazon KDP and Lulu, maximizing your publishing potential.
  • Technique Breakdown: Delve into a thorough guide on the 3-6-9 manifestation technique, offering a structured path for users.
  • Artistic Integration: Find solace in the calming coloring pages sprinkled amidst affirmations, allowing a dual experience of relaxation and clarity.


  • Journey of Transformation: Embark on a path of profound personal growth, aligning with the universe's vibrational frequencies.
  • Manifestation Amplified: Equip yourself with the potent 3-6-9 writing ritual, acting as a beacon for your deepest aspirations.
  • Diverse Publishing Potential: Perfect for repurposing, reselling, or self-publishing across platforms; the possibilities are boundless.
  • Blend of Creativity & Clarity: The harmonious blend of affirmations and coloring pages ensures an enriching, therapeutic journaling experience.

Forge your path in the dynamic world of digital publishing, be it for personal use, resale, or an entry into platforms like Amazon KDP and Lulu. The 3-6-9 Affirmation Journal is your key. Secure your exclusive copy now.

  • 100+ PAGES
  • 30 Affirmations
  • Introduction 
  • Manifestation Journal Pages
  • Coloring Pages
  • PLR Licensing

This exclusive PLR product features:

  1. Four Full-Color Upscaled Journal Covers: Switch up the look of your journal with four expertly designed, full-color covers. With high-quality visuals, these covers inspire creativity and spark joy every time you open your journal.

  2. 30 Powerful Affirmations: Each journal is accompanied with unique, uplifting affirmations to reinforce positivity and boost confidence. These thoughtfully chosen affirmations will guide you towards a more optimistic and grateful mindset.

  3. Editable Canva Template: Customize your journal to suit your style! With our easy-to-use Canva template, you have the freedom to alter the design and make the journal truly your own.

Act fast, as this exclusive PLR product is the only one available. Don't miss your chance to claim this high-quality, transformative Affirmation Journal!

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Buying our exclusive PLR product provides you with several unmatched benefits:

  • Time-Saving: The pre-made content saves you countless hours of brainstorming, writing, and designing.

  • Cost-Effective: Hiring designers, writers, and editors to create similar content could cost you thousands. With our PLR product, you get the same quality at a fraction of the cost.

  • Total Control: Modify and customize the content as you like. Add your logo, change the colors, alter the design – the choice is yours!

  • Brand Building: Stamp your brand name on these high-quality journals and establish your presence in the personal development market.

  • Exclusive Ownership: Since this PLR product is sold to only one buyer, you don't have to worry about countless others selling the same product.

Embrace the opportunity to build your own product line of journals without the hassle of creating everything from scratch. With the Journal Bundle success is just a purchase away!

Grab your PLR package now! 

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